About us


Established in 2013, Hrmonline has grown from being only a physical store expanding to selling online. We have become South Africa’s foremost online shopping destination. The company has withstood the test of time and has proven its usefulness and viability in the South African ecommerce landscape. Our growth is through our customers and the range of products we offer.


Our mission is to provide the best service to our customers that is reliable, while offering quality products and creating customer value.

Each customer is unique thus we strive to create excellent customer experience from start to finish.

Our vision is simple: to be the largest professional company offering high-end quality products in the whole of South Africa.

We are rapidly evolving and have a branch in Johannesburg and Nelspruit city of Mbobela. We are planning to continue expanding our wide range of products and offer items such as electronics, gaming, lifestyle, fashion etc.


Currently HRMOnline is becoming South Africa’s largest innovative retailer. We have a large enough group of dedicated employees who are trained to offer best customer experience. We are dedicated to offer best customer service to our customers, putting the first in all our dealings. To ensure timely service delivery to customers and affordable prices and high quality.

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